I am a Senior Research Scientist at Apple.

My expertise lies in multiple areas including computer graphics, numerical analysis, and geospatial applications.

As a computer graphics researcher during my Ph.D. and postdoc years, I worked on physics-based computer animation and rendering including computational fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, real-time data visualization, and photo-realistic rendering. The studies cover designing numerical solvers for high-quality physics animation for visual effects, optimizing the performance of parallel computations, and building hybrid solutions for effective physics computation. My work also includes a data-driven approach for high-resolution real-time simulations which utilizes massive cloud computing power to produce and compress data-driven model and multicore system to simulate physics in real-time. The results of my research were published in top journals and conferences including ACM SIGGRAPH and IEEE TVCG.

After joining Bing Maps group at Microsoft, I developed my career in the geospatial domain. As an applied scientist and team lead, I worked on 3-D mapping solutions, especially on real-time rendering and frontend services. My team was responsible for building 3-D Streetside experience and providing public APIs for Windows. The projects required collaborations with different organizations across the nation, and we successfully launched the preview app for Windows 8.1 and default maps app and APIs for Windows 10. My passion for building maps product continued to Uber era; I contributed several projects including mobile clients, evaluating and productizing machine learning pipeline, delivering research project to actual front-facing services, etc. Later, I joined Apple.

Overall, I like crunching the numbers, extracting meaningful knowledge, and visualizing the results.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and our son.

Check out my LinkedIn profile and Github repo. Here’s my CV for more details.

email: doyubkim at gmail