Stretching and Wiggling Liquids

Stretching and Wiggling Liquids from Doyub Kim on Vimeo.

Doyub Kim1, Oh-young Song2, and Hyeong-Seok Ko1

1Seoul National University
2Sejong University

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2009) Vol. 28, No. 5, 120.

This paper presents a novel framework for simulating the stretching and wiggling of liquids. We demonstrate that complex phase-interface dynamics can be effectively simulated by introducing the Eulerian vortex sheet method, which focuses on the vorticity at the interface (rather than the whole domain). We extend this model to provide user control for the production of visual effects. Then, the generated fluid flow creates complex surface details, such as thin and wiggling fluid sheets. To capture such high-frequency features efficiently, this work employs a denser grid for surface tracking in addition to the (coarser) simulation grid. In this context, the paper proposes a filter, called the liquid-biased filter, which is able to downsample the surface in the high-resolution grid into the coarse grid without unrealistic volume loss resulting from aliasing error. The proposed method, which runs on a single PC, realistically reproduces complex fluid scenes.


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Stretching and Wiggling Liquid

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